Siegfried Kohlbacher - Schärfraumausstattung und Sägenproduktion - Company


The Company Siegfried Kohlbacher was founded in the Von Hindenburg Avenue in Berchtesgaden on 21 September 1992 where Mr. Kohlbacher started sharpening Metal Band Saws for the wood industry.  In the following years Mr. Kohlbacher began designing and constructing his own machines for sharpening and producing Band saws .

In the year 2000 he built a new production hall in the industrial area, Pfaffenfeld in Bischofswiesen and in 2007 an additional production hall was added. 

This allowed Mr. Kohlbacher to continue to expand the machine construction and  band saw production.  

On  01. January 2010  the Company was renamed  Kohlbacher GmbH.


Im Pfaffenfeld 26
D-83483 Bischofswiesen
   Fon: +49-(0)8652-66826 · Fax: +49-(0)8652-66726 · E-Mail: